A theme that will be running through the class this year is Creativity and Expression. Drama has always focused on being creative and sharing all the create activities we put our energy into during Drama. We will also work hard to share all class creations verbally whether we are in-person or virtually learning. It is going to be a blast!

This year we will also have a Drama Motto that we will share each time we meet. It is below:

Drama Motto


Drama is an exciting ENCORE class at T. Clay Wood Elementary School! Each year I am amazed to see the growth in all the students during from class not only as actors and public speakers but also as people!

The main goals of the class are to help increase students' fluency (ability to read text aloud) and to give student confidence to speak in front of a group of people. Students reach these goals by reading many forms of written text, with a major focus on plays, playing games, and sharing their own written creations.

Some of the class activities include:

Kindergarten – an exciting introduction to the alphabet using a class poem, various games where student create the words, poetry reading, and an introduction to plays

1st grade – a focus on learning how to confidently and fluently read various texts by reading a poems and plays about economics, life cycles, and seasonal changes *

2nd gradea focus on fluently reading and adding actions to various texts including poems, plays, and monologues *

3rd grade – continuing to read various texts with a focus on independent presentations; all classes also perform a grade level play about ancient civilizations at the end of the year for the 2nd graders*

4th grade – independently organizing and performing various texts for their classmates; all students will write and perform a group play*

5th grade – independently organizing, directing, and performing various texts for their classmates; all students will write and perform a class play*

*All students in grades 1st-5th will write and perform a speech

The class will also include a teamwork component that will allow students to build skills to better work with others in their school and community.

The Drama webpage will include links to various websites as well as copies of teacher-created plays that students use in the classroom.

T. Clay Wood also has a Drama Club for 4th and 5th graders. The club has a fall and spring session. Each will culminate with a production for the parents. More information about the club can be found on the Drama Club Tab on the left side of this page.

I am also the acting patrol sponsor. Patrols are 5th grade students who assist teachers and bus drivers in making the school a safe place. More information about patrols can be found on the Patrol Tab under Support.

I look forward to an exciting year at T. Clay Wood Elementary School as we have fun performing and creating throughout the year!

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