English Language Arts



Social Studies

  • Older learners can explore  New American History where they will find
    • Bunk History:  Bunk is a shared home for the web’s most interesting writing and thinking about the American past. Join us to explore the multi-dimensional connections between past and present.
    • American Panorama: An interactive, historical atlas of the United States for the 21st Century
    • Students can journal reactions and responses or use some of the visible thinking routine strategies to process their learning.  Here is a link to the core visible thinking routines.  For additional ideas you can explore the left hand menu.
  • Free Virtual Tours of Museums:  Please note that parents/guardians should preview the content to make sure that the content available from the museum is appropriate for your student.

General e-Learning Activities, Sample Schedules, Virginia Department of Learning Resources, Brain Breaks

Grade Level Instructional Calendars:

Kindergarten: https://pwcps-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/taylorbi_pwcs_edu/Ed4A58fUogpAslHy3AI5HowBHPe3fC8nhqNxXMhvVlEBug?e=EH6Qo2

1st Grade: https://pwcps-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/taylorbi_pwcs_edu/ET2hb-Xbe8tGgsysNAJE4d4BDtdVAEAxqhSqcAf9z2-_eA?e=ygg4AL