June 10, 2020:

Mrs. Cruz, Hannold, Hansford, Scarce, Span, and Stanton will offer weekly online office hours on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00PM.  These hours will be to provide virtual support at a specific communicated time.  Our goal is to support student learning under the current closure conditions through continued virtual collaboration with families and general education teachers.  Our school-based Behavior Intervention Specialist, Mrs. West, will offer office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:00PM.

Virtual ESY Services: If your child’s IEP team has determined that your child has qualified to receive Extended School Year (ESY) services, your child’s case manager will be reaching out to you to amend the IEP to document that the ESY services for this summer will now be delivered virtually.  You can find the Parent ESY FAQ from the Office of Special Education in our Files and Documents folder.

Electronic IEP Signatures: 
 If an IEP has been proposed for your child virtually, Ed Plan is now sending messages to the parent e-mail on record for electronic signature.  Please let your child’s case manager know if you do not receive an e-mail to sign electronically or if you need assistance completing the process.  

Should parents experience difficulties or have questions related to a student’s ability to access the optional learning resources, please contact the student’s special education case manager and/or related service provider (if applicable) for support and/or consultation.

In addition to the resources your student's general education teacher has provided, we have optional materials available that can support your child's IEP goals through independent practice at home.  Please see our Files and Documents folder, which includes optional resources for Reading, Writing, Math, Speech, Social Skills, and Occupational Therapy practice.

The Language Arts resources folder includes daily leveled reading passages, sight word lists, reading comprehension practice, and daily writing calendars.   
The Math resources folder includes daily leveled math practice offered in both English and Espanol.  There is also a Math Aids folder which offers resources and tools to support math practice.  The Speech and Language, Social Skills, and Occupational Therapy folders all provide specific skills practice for related service areas.  

You may also wish to review our Useful Links
 folder, which provides review materials and resources your child can access online.  The websites are listed by subject area.  There are also links to each grade level's instructional calendar.

Additionally, PWCS Home Learning Resources for Special Education provides materials broken down by subject, goal areas, and disability categories:
Special Education Resources

We want to acknowledge that we can never replace the work our teachers do with students in our classrooms; no one expects the current learning process to be as effective as what teachers accomplish directly with students.  

We want to ensure that all students and families are supported, but not overwhelmed by our support and guidance during this unprecedented health emergency and school closure. None of this work is for submission to a teacher for a grade. 

The use of these resources is completely optional and we encourage parents to preview the learning resources prior to students using them to determine which ones are most appropriate for your family to support the learning of your student(s) at home.

Thank you for your continued support at home during this unprecedented time.  We are all in this together and we are here to support you!

LD team
We are excited to work with your children, together we can make a difference!

Teachers of Students with Disabilities:
Kindergarten: Mrs. Hannold
1st: Mrs. Hannold
2nd: Mrs. Hannold
3rd: Mrs. Cruz 
4th: Mrs. Cruz, Mrs. Hannold, Mrs. Scarce
5th: Mrs. Span
SWD Teacher Assistant: Ms. Johnstone

Speech: Mrs. Hansford, Mrs. Coley
OT: Mrs. Stanton
Autism Itinerant: Mrs. McDougal
Behavior Intervention Specialist: Mrs. West