Drama Club

group picture of drama club members with sponsor

T. Clay Wood Drama Club is for 4th and 5th graders who have a love for acting and are willing to work hard on a play that will be performed at the end of each session.
This year there will be three drama clubs:
  1. Fall Drama Club: will meet on either Thursday or Friday and perform a play in mid-December.  Auditions in September.
  2. Spring Drama Club:  will meet on either Thursday or Friday and perform a play in late April.  Auditions in January.
  3. Wolf Pack Drama: This is a new group that will meet on Mondays and last all year long.  The group will only have 10-12 members.  So, the selection will be more selective.  In this group members will do various acting performances for the school.  Members of this group should also be in the Fall and Spring Drama Club. 
Students can audition for one of the clubs or take part in all three.  Watch the Drama Club website for more information including audition times, forms, and play information.

I look forward to another wonderful year of Drama Club at T. Clay Wood Elementary School!


2 Hours Delay
When there is a delay in the morning, there are no morning activities. I am a friend of snow but sad when it affect the wonderful Drama Actors and Actresses! When we don't have practice, take the time to review your lines. Keep being awesome!!!
Drama Club Auditions Spring 2016
Thanks to all the students who applied to Drama Club this spring! This will be the biggest drama club in T. Clay Wood history! Mr. Dove is so excited! In an effort to save paper, Mr. Dove sent emails to all parents with your personal audition date and other important information. If you did not get an email and you applied, please contact Mr. Dove.


Dove, Adam
Home: 703-594-3990
Email: doveax@pwcs.ed